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Glasswash and Sterilization

A Glasswash and Sterilization Facility maintained by Medical Microbiology & Immunology in partnership with Biochemistry

The facility provides services for glassware and autoclaving of biological waste to a number of laboratories outside the department at a nominal charge. All labs are welcome to use these services: contact

Discard Tray/Bag $9.00
Washing Per Tray $13.20
Wrap and Sterilize $5.40
Per Tray Pipette washing per number of rinser’s $32.98
Special $5.40

Laboratories wishing to have their contaminated glassware sterilized must have a large (type Sterilite) container that has a lid for transport of goods to the facility located in B002/004 Katz. Freight elevators must be used for transport; Environmental Health and Safety rules.

The items and the container should be marked clearly with the lab name.

We ask that the waste be packed into the autoclavable bags (not more than 2/3 full and never use the orange bags because they cannot be disposed of in the landfill after decontamination. Label according to hazard and place inside of the transport container. Please ensure that there are no spills from the bags with waste- laboratories will be responsible for disinfecting themselves if spills occur.




Anna Zabielski (Team Lead)









Jadwiga Zurek








Chanh Tu









Phung Tu





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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Judy Gnarpe, 6020D Katz Group Center, 492-2302 ( or the sterilization facilty 8-1330 or