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MMI 2006 Events Archive

MMI Christmas Party 2006

December 14, 2006

Dr. David Evans welcomed the Department of MMI the the annual Christmas Party.

MMI Door Decorating Contest 2006

1st place prize: Halloran lab - for the best use of profs, puns and payoffs.
2nd place prize: Barry lab - best Christmas-themed door this Halloween. (Next time, Michele should sing)
3rd place prize: Stein lab - nice use of Frankenstein.

Honorable mentions:
Hazes lab - Best solo performance and use of a Jack-o-lantern without a pumpkin.
Foley lab - Best fly ever.
Guilbert lab - Best use of a placenta in a supporting role.
John Taylor (Barry lab) - for going the distance

Many thanks to the participants of the Door Decorating contest, as well as our judges: Holly Saffron, Craig Milne and Karl Fischer.

The Sock Murder Game

The 2006 MMI Sock Murder game has wrapped up with the below noteworthy players. Many individuals put in a lot of effort and hard work to making their kills and staying alive, but alas, in the end only 5 of the 60 participants remained. In the interest of a timely completion of the game, names were drawn out of a hat to decide which of the last 5 players would be the 'Last Man Standing', resulting in Nick Li being awarded the prize money for this award. The game was well played and now the Department can relax until the game is replayed next year.

Most Prolific Killer: Douglas Quilty (7 Kills)
Runners up: JP Bacik (5 Kills) Sarah Newhouse and Brianne Wilton (4 Kills each) Anja Schindler, Anne Giles, George Johnson, Jinshu He (3 Kills each) Last Man Standing: Nick Li


  • Most Dramatic Kill: Sarah Newhouse - Snuck into Joelle's house and killed her in her kitchen
  • Best Battle: JP Bacik - Jubilee parking lot duel with Kelly Baptista
  • Best Hunting: Kelly Baptista, Lorna Friis, Nicole Wetsch - for their superb stalking and diligence to the task
  • Best Chase: Darci Lowen-Doebler and Marc Couturier - both sprinted down the hall in dedicated efforts to kill their targets
  • Killed head of the Department: Anne Giles
  • Took down last year's champion: Larry Guilbert
  • First man down: Edan Foley
  • Too kind for their own good: Greg Workun and Logan Banadyga - both held the elevator for their killers, who subsequently killed them.
  • On June 23, 2006 the Department of MMI headed out to Hawrelak Park for our annual picnic where Department Chair, Dr. David Evans, served up some mean burgers.

Faculty News

  • Judy Gnarpe has recently (July 1, 2006) joined the University Teaching Services as the Faculty Associate contact for Teaching with Technology. The University has taken a new initiative to try to bring the University Teaching Services out into the faculties. Four "Faculty Associates" have been chosen from various faculties to act as liaisons between UTS and faculties/departments. The Faculty Associates appointed will have different areas of specialty:

  • David Cass (Biological Sciences) is the contact for peer consultations

  • Judy Gnarpe (Medical Microbiology and Immunology) is the contact for Teaching with Technology
  • Clive Hickson (Elementary Education) is the contact for mentor-matching
  • Connie Varnhagen (Psychology) is the contact for Integrating Teaching and Research

Each Faculty Associate will also be conducting research into an area of teaching and learning over the next two years.

Dr. Ken Yu Retires

  • On Friday, June 16, 2006, Dr. Ken Yu enjoyed a retirement party jointly hosted by the Department of Medical Microbiology & Immunology and the Office of Environmental Health & Safety. Dr. Yu’s official retirement date is June 30, 2006.

  • The Department is pleased to announce the promotion of Dr. Deborah Burshtyn from Assistant to Associate Professor effective July 1, 2006.
  • Congratulations to the 2006 AHFMR awardees in Medical Microbiology & Immunology:
  • For more information on these awards please visit the AHFMR website.

Student News

  • Congratulations to Erin Van Schaik, in the Irvin Lab, who was recognized on October 13, 2006 for completion of the University Teaching Program under the auspices of UTS and FGSR.
  • Congratulations to Sheryl Kirwan, in the Burshtyn Lab, who was recognized in May, 2006, for completion of the University Teaching Program under the auspices of UTS and FGSR.